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When choosing a house, it’s not just the house itself that we must consider. Since it will be your permanent dwelling place for many years (unless you intend to transfer in the near future), it’s best to also consider the ambiance, kind of neighborhood as well as the overall facilities and amenities that you can access. At the La Brisa Townhomes, you can get the quality of life your family deserves.

The Ciudad de Calamba is a secured townscape with its own grand entrance gate with a guardhouse. The security personnel here operate round-the-clock to ensure the safety of its residents. Having your residence inside this townscape offers added peace of mind as it lowers your risk of robbery and other crimes. Added to that is the fact that the La Brisa Townhomes has a secured perimeter fence.

Upon entering the gate of the La Brisa Townhomes, you’d feel the welcoming atmosphere in the community. It has a serene and quiet atmosphere with a friendly neighborhood. The townhouses are neatly tucked in several blocks. The main road is 10 meters wide, paved and well-lighted which makes it easier to navigate even during night time. You could see trees lined on the side of the road, providing a cool breeze and shade. 

Moreover, the utility system at the La Brisa Townhomes is also reliable. They have a centralized water supply system and a reliable power connection. One of the best things about living near industrial parks is the fact that you get the least water and power interruptions, and that is true for this place. Moreover, cable and Internet connection are also readily available when needed.

Apart from the very basic features and utilities, this community also comes with several other amenities to improve your standard of living. One of its notable features is its elegant clubhouse with a swimming pool. This is a good place to take your family on a hot summer month. You could also set up a picnic or small party in this area. Apart from that, this community has also its own basketball court where neighbors could hold a regular match or tournament. It’s an excellent bonding activity so you could meet new friends in the neighborhood. 

Other amenities at the La Brisa Townhomes include a village patio, a jogging path and more pocket gardens. 
If you think of how affordable the units are at the La Brisa Townhomes, you wouldn’t expect how much value you can get from this community. The facilities, amenities and utilities inside this gated residential development are at par with many expensive housing developments. Not only that, you also get a bonus of friendly neighborhood and serene ambiance when you live here.

  • The Gate and Guardhouse
  • Patio Green
  • The Village Patio
  • Basketball Court
  • The Jogging Path
  • Swimming Pool
  • Clubhouse
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